Dinner Menu


Broccoli Rabe with Sausages $13.00
Sauteed broccoli served with sausages, oil garlic and hot peppers
Guazzetto $13.00
Steamed mussels and clams steamed in white wine or spicy tomato sauce
Ricchi e Poveri $14.00
Grilled shrimp, asparagus and cannellini beans served warm with lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Focaccia Caprese $13.00
Mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes
Buffalo Mozzarella $14.00
Served warm with grilled zucchini, fresh chopped tomato, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Roasted Peppers $12.00
Served with sharp provolone cheese
Grilled Octopus $17.00
With black olives, capers, lemon, olive oil
Fava e Granchio $15.00
Fava beans and crab meat


Parmigiano Salad $13.00
Arugola, Radicchio, Belgian endive served with shaved parmigiano and sundried tomato
Gorgonzola Salad $13.00
Baby greens, walnuts, fresh pears and gorgonzola cheese in house vinaigrette
Caesar Salad $12.00
Romaine lettuce with our homemade caesar dressing.
Available with Prosciutto for an additional $2.00
Insalata Tre Primizie $10.00
Arugola, Radicchio and Belgian Endive with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
Beets Salad $13.00
Red and yellow roasted beets, caramelized walnuts, onions, goat cheese, fresh mint, in a house vinaigrette


Soup of the Day $5.50


Gnocchi or Spaghetti al Pomodoro $16.00
Potato dumpling or spaghetti served with our famous homemade tomato sauce
Add Meatballs add $2.00
Ziti al Telefono $18.00
Ziti pasta, pieces of meatballs, tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese
Fusilli Delizia $22.00
Cork screw pasta, shrimp, scallops, sundried tomatoes in a pink cream sauce
Fusilli Toto $16.00
Cork screw pasta served in a vodka pink cream sauce, shallots and prosciutto
Ziti Matriciana $17.00
Ziti pasta served with dices pancetta, garlic, olive oil, in our homemade tomate sauce
MultiGrain Organic Penne with Chicken and Broccoli $19.00
Multigrain organic penne pasta served with chicken, broccoli, oil, garlic, shaved dry ricotta
Spaghetti Positano $21.00
Spaghetti pasta with jumbo lump crabmeat, oil, garlic, arugola and fresh tomatoes
Spaghetti Tre Colori $19.00
Spaghetti pasta with shrimp sundried tomatoes - all dices, oil, garlic, crushed red pepper
All Pasta can be substituted with MultiGrain Organic
Penne for an additional $2.00
Veal Bella Donna $20.00
Veal medallion sauteed with lemon, capers, garlic, in a white wine sauce
Chicken Sorrentina $20.00
Our version of chicken parmigiana. Served with a side of angel hair pasta
Chicken Locanda $21.00
Lightly breaded chicken cutlet, pan seared, topped with arugola, tomato, eggplant, shaved parmigiano cheese
Veal Milanese $26.00
Pounded veal chop, pan fried, topped with arugola, dices tomatoes and artichokes
Agnello Scottadito $27.00
Domestic lamb chops grilled to perfection served with vegetables and potatoes
Sold by the piece - min 2 pieces - $10.00 each
Langostine $36.00
Grilled Mediterranean langostine served with lemon, extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs
Branzino $29.00
Split for two - $35.00
Dover Sole $32.00
Split for two - $38.00
Salmon $24.00
Grilled salmon filet topped with diced asparagus and fresh tomato, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil

Side Dishes

Sauteed Spinach $8.00
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe $9.00

Dessert, Coffee & Beverages

Desserts & Gelati $7.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Iced Tea $3.00
Espresso $3.00
Cappuccino $4.00
American Coffee $3.00
1 Lt Mineral Water (Sparkling or Natural) $7.00